How to Play YouTube Videos in Android Background?

One of the most awful and headache restriction on you tube is in android phones that when you jump to another another screen or minimize the YT app, the Video Streaming and playback both paused. The reason behind pausing of Video clip is that YouTube earns a lot of money through advertising content on the you tube video so in this case they want their user to be focused on their video.

But dont worry now, in this post we are going to share methods and application with the help of which you can enjoy unlimited youtube music while doing other stuff in cell phone too.

Play YouTube Videos in Background

1: Torch Music

This is little app which does what it claims for. All you have to open this app, search for the artist, song, or album. Once you found the song, all you have to hit that play button to start the video.

As it claimed, your video will be started while you do other stuff in your mobile like texting. It also works if your app is minimized or your device is locked.

Disadvantage of Torch music app is it only contains popular videos, songs and artist albums. if you are a fan of using un popular or local videos searcher, this app will not be able to suit your needs. This app also consumes much of the data so avoid this app if you are using limited bandwidth.


2: New Pipe

This application called NEW PIPE is available at F-Android which is an open source directory of android apps. After using this fine application, we came to know that it does the job as we needed. we can easily search video from the app and can also share the video. All you have to install this app with an addition of extension called share with New Pipe.


3: Floating You tube

This android application didn’t minimize the app in the background but opens as a Pop up video window on the background. We can do other work in android too and can listen to the song too but in another window on a same screen. This ability of switching background is similar to windows 10 Task views. This app also works if your screen is locked. it will be like hearing song in the background. But while having application running when phone is locked, It stills eat bandwidth for audio and video.


Floating youtube is a very good app but sometime annoying because of ads popped up. If you really want to enjoy this app’s feature, Go for it and buy it in just 2$/month.


4: Android Pocket

Unfortunately, this application has been removed from the play store because google doesn’t want any daddy. It was the best option for playing the you tube videos in background. It was a free app and does the things as it advertised. the working is very simple. All you have to do is open the app > Play the you tube video > Tap on share button > Select Audio pocket from the option > and you are done with that. It will take some seconds to buffer the video and then the video will be played in the background.
For a smaller video, it takes no time to buffer but video more than 1 minute, it may take 30 seconds of buffering depending upon your bandwidth speed.

It also let us to pause, fast forward and also background audio if screen is locked. Enjoy!


5: Fire Fox or Safari (recommended)

This method is probably the best way to  Play YouTube Videos in Android Background. the best part is this that this method works fine and is legit over any version of phone like Android, IOS and even windows phones too. All you have to do is download supported browsers like Firefox for Android, Safari for IOS, and Microsoft Edge for Microsoft Windows phone. Turn on the desktop version in those supported browsers. You are done! You can hear songs if even you close the window or lock the screen.

The beautiful point of this method is this browsers are supported to any of the android phone and is legal with respect to the you tube ads perspective. It also saves much of the bandwidth.


So guys, this is the 5 most basic and largely used method to Play YouTube Videos in Android Background. Hope You will enjoy it. If you know any other easy steps to Play YouTube Videos in Android Background, Don’t hesitate to comment the method because Sharing is Caring.